Apple Imperfect

September 20, 2008 by admin · Leave a Comment 

A botched launch of MobileMe — the company’s new data-syncing service — has led Apple to make repeated offers of free services to frustrated customers. And there have been teething problems for its generally well-received 3G iPhone, including flaky reception and weak battery life.

iPhone Popularity In Japan: FAIL

September 15, 2008 by admin · Leave a Comment 

Earlier this spring Japan looked like one of Apple's most promising markets for iPhone 3G (AAPL). But even a price cut isn't helping the gadget take off there. This doesn't seem to be a problem with the iPhone per se: It's a problem with the Japanese handset market, which has a ton of high-end phones at competitive prices.

iPhone 3G Reception problems - fault found?

August 28, 2008 by admin · Leave a Comment 

A report in RoughlyDrafted and CNET apparently sourced from an AT&T insider says the fault was both software and hardware based. The iPhone 3G software demanded too much “power” or bandwidth from the network masts, resulting in dropped calls and slow connection speeds. There is also talk about networks such as Orange throttling bandwidth.

Repeat Tests Show iPhone 3G Has No Faulty Hardware

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After lab results demonstrated that the iPhone 3G's antenna actually functions normally, critics complained that the tests didn't represent their own experiences. So the tests were performed again on two phones that had been experiencing severe problems for some users; the verdict was the same: no hardware problems found.

Huge iPhone Security Flaw Opens All Private Information

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Apparently theres a huge security problem in the latest iPhone 2.0.2: if you have your JesusPhone password protected, using a very simple trick gives anyone full access to your cellphone private information in Mail, SMS, Contacts, and even Safari. The two-step trick is even simpler to the one used in the past to jailbreak and install unlock cards.