Griffin iTalk Pro - iPod Recording - iPod Microphone

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iTalk iPod Recorder

iTalk Pro is perfect for capturing how the world around you really sounds.

Whether you’re taking lecture notes, conducting an interview, or just want to bring the sounds of the great outdoors indoors, iTalk Pro lets you record directly to your iPod, in CD-quality stereo. Your only limitations are the available room on your iPod, and your own imagination.

iTalk has twin built-in microphones and adjustable gain settings that give you control over the volume. You can also use external microphones with iTalk Pro. Just plug your mic into iTalk’s 3.5mm stereo input jack. Use with a splitter to connect two microphones; use with Griffin Instrument Cables and dispense with awkward adapters.

iTalk Pro turns your iPod into a truly portable, high-quality, handheld mobile recording studio.

Click here to buy - £7.99

Apple Updates Remote App for iPhone, Adds Genius Function

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Apple just dropped an update for the Remote application for iPhone/iPod touch. allows you to control any iTunes library (or Apple TV) over a local WiFi connection. According to the release notes, you will now be able to create a Genius playlist, and create/edit playlists in iTunes.

iPhone, iPod 2.1 jailbreak tools released

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Apple's major 2.1 software updates for the iPhone and iPod touch have been jailbroken, though the iPhone process requires you to get your hands a little dirty.

iPhone 2.1 jailbroken with end run around iTunes 8 defenses

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The well-known iPhone Dev Team has already managed to jailbreak the 2.1 firmware for iPhones and iPod touch, all the while without requiring tricks to circumvent new anti-hacking provisions in iTunes 8.

DevTeam releases PwnageTool and QuickPwn 2.1

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With firmware 2.1 now out for the iPhone and iPod touch we bring you the inevitable PwnageTool and QuickPwn response. Apparently, the DevTeam took offense to a previous posting where we questioned the relevancy of continued jailbreaks in the age of the AppStore and official, worldwide iPhone distribution. Come on guys, can't we all just along?

5 iPod Features Apple Won’t (but Should) Unveil Today

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This list isn't mere fanboy fantasy: Every single one of these upgrades is something that Apple is perfectly capable of delivering (or allowing another company to deliver through a piece of software or approved iPod accessory). Too bad the AT&T iPhone deal and Jobs' stubbornness won't ever let them become reality.

Apple iPhone App Review Site Provides 24/7 iPhone News

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St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) September 4, 2008 — The new Apple iPhone has set the world of technology on fire with excitement. Millions of users around the world have already became completely dependent upon the convenience offered to them from their iPhones. The state-of-the-art devices are a sleek combination of a full-service telephone, a large-screen iPod and an Internet browser all in one. iPhone users keep their entire lives stored electronically within the small confines of these 4.8-ounce super smart phones.

Bruce Marler, developer of the iPhone review website,, saw the immense demand for the iPhone early on. He created the website as a one-stop informational source for iPhone users to clarify any questions about their devices; review new iPhone apps; communicate with others and offer their reviews and comments.

Marler states, “ was created to provide a 24/7 aggregated news source for the quickly growing iPhone user base. People are fascinated with the new Apple iPhone - and they have a lot of questions.”

The Apple iPhone has set new sales records for similar devices worldwide, making the Blackberry and other products all but obsolete. Quite frankly, the competition is embarrassed. From ordinary people who just want the world’s coolest phone to software application developers, the Apple iPhone appeases and thoroughly pleases all. Marler further states, “ has quickly become a leader in the Apple iPhone apps review and news space. I am very pleased with the growth of our user base. The website has quickly became the “go-to” place for new app reviews and product information.”

As the site continues to experience massive traffic, it is also continually enhanced. Besides nearly-constant information and iPhone apps additions, the site will soon offer even more for the convenience of its visitors. “ will continue to add new features and functionality to the site and will soon offer a forum focusing on Apple iPhone apps. We are here for the long-run advantages of our visitors,” Marler concludes.

The iPhone Blog

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The iPhone Blog


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Shozu iPhone Apps

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LONDON — (BUSINESS WIRE) — ShoZu today announced a new edition of its free social media aggregator for iPhone and iPod touch, available immediately on the Apple App Store. This enhanced version further simplifies photo uploading, blogging and other mobile interaction with more than 50 Web 2.0 sites such as Facebook, Flickr, Google Blogger, Picasa Web Albums and Twitter.

Enhancements include the ability to take and upload high-resolution pictures from within the application, add geo-tags to any photo if desired, make text-only posts to blogging sites, and use ShoZu in five languages. ShoZu has also added new reliability features to ensure smoother photo uploads, easier addition of new Internet destinations, and faster application speed overall.

“This new release extends our mobile social media gateway to iPhone users in four new languages and adds some of the top feature requests we have received since our iPhone edition was launched,” said Mark Bole, ShoZu CEO. “Now it’s easier than ever to communicate with your favourite online communities, blogs and social networks from the iPhone or iPod touch, whether you’re uploading photos, blogging or using other social media features to keep up with your online social life on the go.”

The core ShoZu application for iPhone enables users to quickly and easily upload any photo captured with the device’s built-in camera or saved to the iPhone photo library to their choice of over 50 online communities from a single interface, eliminating the need to navigate to each site separately or manage a different iPhone application for each service. Pictures can be transmitted to any number of supported sites simultaneously with a tap, saving time by eliminating multiple consecutive uploads.

In addition, on many leading sites, ShoZu allows users to change their social network status, have friends’ photostreams and status changes sent to the iPhone, and read and reply to comments posted on their content — all from the ShoZu application.

The newest edition adds key capabilities and improvements including:

* Text-only posts to blogging sites from Google Blogger to Vox, Wordpress, Typepad and more. Photo blog uploads are still supported.
* Geo-tagging for any photo upload, allowing photos to automatically appear on maps in sites like Flickr and Picasa Web Albums. Users can now add geo-tags - even when using non-GPS iPhone/iPod touch devices - simply by tapping “Add geo-tag for current location” on the same ShoZu screen where they add titles, descriptions and tags.
* High-resolution (1600×1200) photo capture and upload, for users who want crisper images than the 640×480 resolution provided from the iPhone album. High-res photos can now be taken and uploaded directly from within the ShoZu application.
* Faster startup and new ease-of-use features, including an easy way to tell how many photos are still waiting to upload.
* Easier retrieval of new content feeds, including friends’ Flickr or Facebook photostreams, Facebook status updates, Facebook event listings, and more.
* Automatic time stamps by time zone, including Daylight Savings Time where applicable.
* Localized versions in French, German, Italian and Spanish, in addition to the original English-only release.

ShoZu for iPhone is available as a free download from Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at