iPhone News Roundup

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All the top news for the iPhone 3G…

Interesting stories:

ATT now offers iPhone 3G home activation, for real this time

myPower Protects the iPhone 3G, Also Doubles its Battery Life

The Top iPhone 3G Accessories Holiday Wishlist

iPhone 3G vs Nokia N96 and HTC Touch HD

First Looks: Speck QwickDraw for iPhone 3G

All Black iPhone 3G Makes World Debut

Maximizer Software Drives Mobile CRM 2.0 - Great for business and finance

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Leading the Mobile CRM 2.0 revolution for smartphones, Maximizer Software Inc. (TSX:MAX), a leading provider of simple, accessible customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, today announced the availability of its latest CRM software – Maximizer™ CRM 10.5.

Providing organisations a full-scale CRM solution directly on their smartphones, Maximizer is the only CRM vendor to offer the most real-time access options to customer/prospect information on multiple platforms, including BlackBerry® 8000 Series, Pearl™, Curve™ and Bold™ smartphones and now Apple® iPhones™. Enhancements in Maximizer CRM 10.5 are designed to support real time customer interactions from the office, in the field, and while on the road; ultimately driving the customer acquisition, customer service and customer retention.

“In today’s economy, when companies are looking to maximize ROI, while improving communications with customers & prospects, Maximizer CRM 10.5 delivers both,? said Vivek Thomas, managing director EMEA, Maximizer Software. “With MaxMobile in version 10.5, Maximizer provides organisations a solution that gives real-time insight into their customer base and prospects – enabling customer interactions that build better relationships.?

Mobile CRM - Business Anytime, Anywhere

With Forrester Research reporting that 31 percent of SMBs plan to adopt and/or execute a sales force application on their mobile devices by the close of 2008, Maximizer Mobile CRM now empowers sales professionals to conduct loans business in real-time including:

• Ability to access an online document library for sales and company collateral;
• One-click access to maps and driving directions;
• Significantly increased storage of customer data via SD cards.

With BlackBerry devices continuing to lead the corporate business world, Maximizer CRM 10.5 also offers in-depth functionality for the latest BlackBerry smartphone devices, including an improved single-click BlackBerry user interface, and integration with BlackBerry address book and phone modules. Sales and service professionals can also log calls, SMS text messages and emails to client records on their BlackBerry smartphones, affording increased access and convenience in the field.

In addition to improved wireless synchronisation, Maximizer CRM 10.5 now offers seamless wireless web access from the installed mobile application to provide the best of both worlds within one click:

• Rapid, offline access to a subset of customer information stored directly on the smartphone and synchronised back to the corporate CRM system; and
• Real-time online access to the corporate CRM system to dig deeper into specific accounts or expand searches via the web browser integrated with the mobile application on the device

“With instant access to logged calls, emails and quotes, Maximizer Mobile CRM enables our mobile sales force to provide seamless customer service, and make informed, on-the-spot decisions throughout the sales cycle,” said Dennis Fanning, president of Platinum Equipment Ltd., a supplier of quality semi trailers for the transportation industry. “Maximizer Software offers increased productivity to our sales force with reduced downtime, allowing us to service our customers more efficiently.?

Additional Maximizer CRM 10.5 new and improved features include:

• More features supported in Web Access to support workers from anywhere including Microsoft Word integration, Excel export, action plans, email templates for personal campaigns, and faster performance

• Greater visibility and better strategic planning capabilities with advanced business intelligence and visual workflow capabilities including on-the-fly trend analysis throughout the customer lifecycle

• Extension of Web 2.0-powered tools with social networking enhancements for more powerful prospecting.
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Quick Tip of the Week: Dragging Files

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On a Mac, you can drag a file from Location A to Location B, moving the file from its old residence to a new one. But what if you wanted two copies of the file: one at Location A and a second one at Location B? Or, here’s another option, what if you wanted the file to live at Location A but have an “alias? live on the Desktop? Learn how you can drag yourself to all three outcomes by watching this week’s Quick Tip.

Two Canadian Apple Stores set to open

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Rejoice, Apple-loving Canadians. Apple will open two new retail stores this weekend. One in Calgary, Alberta and the other in Toronto, Ontario.

Apple Store Market Mall will be the 2nd store in Alberta when it opens at 9:30 AM on Saturday, 27th. It’s located between 32nd Avenue NW and 40th Avenue NW on the West side of Shaganappi Trail NW. You can find full travel directions here.

At the same time, Apple Store Fairview will open in Toronto at 1800 Sheppard Avenue East. Here are your travel directions. These will be the 8th and 9th stores to open in Canada. If you visit either location, please share your stories and photos. Have fun!

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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Adobe CS4 offers overall improvements, higher upgrade pricing

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As Robert reported earlier this month, Adobe officially announced Creative Suite 4 via a streaming webcast earlier this morning. Adobe CS4, which is scheduled to ship sometime in October, is being touted as “Adobe’s biggest software release to date.”

While I was watching the webcast for our sister site, Download Squad, what struck me was the focus on performance improvements and cross-product integration. I’ve been dabbling with some of the CS4 betas since the beginning of the summer, and I agree that the Macromedia products are now much more tightly integrated (at least on the Fireworks and Dreamweaver side, I haven’t used the Flash CS4 beta) with the rest of the Adobe suite.

On the performance side, the GPU acceleration rumors for Photoshop CS4 that Mat mentioned back in May are a reality. What was really striking, to me, was that despite the all the hub-bub about the lack of 64-bit support for the Mac version of Photoshop CS4, the demonstrations for the webcast were all performed on a Mac (I’m assuming it was a Mac Pro, it was attached to an external monitor on stage and also displayed on stage/screen). Showing off some of advantages of GPU acceleration, the representative from Adobe worked on a 2 GB 400 megapixel file, showing how easy it was to zoom in and out, and roate the image without any lag or slowdown.

So, 32-bit or not, Mac design shops that have powrful systems should benefit tremendously from the speed improvements to Photoshop.

The pricing for some of the Adobe CS4 bundle suites has increased nominally both for upgrades and new purchases. Web Premium CS3 was $1599 US, whereas Web Premium CS4 will be $1699 US. Design and Production Premium prices remain the same ($1799 US for Design Premium, $1699 for Production Premium), but the price of Design Standard is now $1399 US, up $200 from Design Standard CS3. Upgrade prices on suites appear to be about the same as CS3, although Web Premium is $100 more than it was 18 months ago.

For anyone who purchased Design Premium CS3 before May of 2008, you will be happy to know that Fireworks is now included in this suite (it was included in suites sold after May of 2008 or if you paid the $160 to upgrade to Acrobat 9). Fireworks never should have been omitted from Design Premium in the first place, so this is a nice addition.

Adobe Creative Suite 4 will be shipping sometime in October. One note for PPC Mac users — Adobe After Effects CS4 will only support Intel systems. Premeire Pro CS4, like CS3, is also Intel-only.

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Enjoying “another great set of iPods?

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“Some things,? says Bob Levitus (, “are inevitable.? Such as “new and improved iPods.? He’s pleased that the new 120GB iPod classic offers more storage for less money and that the new iPod touch “supports the Nike + iPod sensor in my running shoes? without an additional receiver. And he certainly admires the “gorgeous new curved aluminum and glass enclosure? of the new iPod nano.

Genius on iPod nano makes new musical connections on the fly

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Not only did Ryan Kim ( find the new iPod nano “great for video,? but he also found the new Genius feature “surprisingly helpful in mixing up my listening habits.? Genius allowed him “to create a new playlist on the fly that made my listening experience feel fresh again.?

App Store Pick of the Week: Air Sharing

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Wish you could copy that new proposal to your iPhone and review it on the plane? Now you can. Air Sharing ($6.99) from Avatron Software lets you wirelessly connect iPhone or iPod touch to a Mac, PC, or Linux computer. Drag documents (including MS Office docs, Pages documents, Keynote presentations, PDFs, images, and others) to your iPhone or iPod touch. And view them on the go.

TUAW Tips: Replace login screen background

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Are you tired of the standard background for the login window? Well, if you are running Tiger or Leopard, you can easily change this picture to anything you wish. This is handy for schools or organizations who want a static background showing off their spiffy logo.

For Leopard Users
To change the background, just replace the picture file located here:


Be sure to keep the original file in case you want to change it back to the original picture. We suggest changing the original to “DefaultDesktopOriginal.jpg” or something similar.

For Tiger Users
Tiger users don’t have it as easy. You have to replace the picture by editing a login window preference file. Open Terminal and type in the following command, replacing “path_to_picture.jpg” with the actual path to the picture you want as the background:

sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ DesktopPicture 'path_to_picture.jpg'

Since this is a sudo command, you will be required to authenticate as an administrator before the command will be run. Once you enter the command and logout, you should see the changes.

Want more tips and tricks like this? Visit TUAW’s TUAW Tips and Terminal Tips sections.

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Apple Store Colorado Springs: photos from opening day

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Apple Store -- Promenade at Briargate, Colorado Springs, COApple junkies who live in Colorado Springs, CO used to have to drive about 75 miles north to Denver to visit either the Park Meadows or Aspen Grove Apple Stores. Now they finally have an Apple Store of their own at the Promenade Shops at Briargate, which opened on Saturday, September 20th.

Reader Denny noted “Firefighter Memorial Ride happened to be the same day and organized from the parking lot. At first, I thought Apple had a new market in Firefighters and Harley riders.” Denny moved to Colorado Springs just three weeks ago from Orlando, FL, where he had his pick of three Apple Stores. Denny’s Flickr slide show can be viewed here.

TUAW reader Marc mentioned that “Colorado Springs being a smaller market, the turnout wasn’t as great as for some other openings — there were about 40 people in line when I arrived about 8:30 am and another 40 or so filled out the line by the 9:00 am opening time.” They may have T-shirts available for a while at that store… Marc’s Flickr slide show is here.

Thanks to Denny, Marc, and Randy for their coverage of the event.

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