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Bluetooth iPhone and new car
I have Pandora on a G3 iPhone. I wld like to stream (send) the audio to my Bluetooth equipped car iMac Mac OS X (10.5.5) Powerbook 15, iMac, iPhone 3GiPhone Chat

stuck in signal strength testing mode-- this bad iPhone 3G
Hey, a couple of days ago I punched in the number for testing the signal strength (*3001#12345#*) and now I cant seem to get out of testing mode. That is, I always have the dB number in the upper LH corner rather than bars.Ive tried passing my finger down over the dB number, which used to get me back to bars but this is no longer working. The dB numbers abide when I power down or even do the full hold-down-power-and-home-buttons-until-the-apple-disappears trick.Im actually OK with this (bars seem to be pretty much meaningless anyway) unless its draining the battery or causing some other unanticipated consequence.So... is it OK to leave the phone in dB test mode? If not, how can one get out of test mode when the obvious ways dont work? iPhone Chat

iPhone wont prompt for voice mail setup
I have pressed the voice mail icon, but nothing happens. According to the directions, the first time you press the icon, you should be prompted to set up voice mail. I cant find any other instructions for setting up voice mail. Windows XP iPhone 3GiPhone Chat

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25 Business iPhone Apps

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Over at you can find a list of 25 Business iPhone Apps.

There are rumours that more and more businesses are considering issuing iPhones to their staff - and they have long been the choice of more creative businessmen.