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TuneCore Lets You Distribute on iTunes - Wed, 17 Sep 2008
Along with CDBaby, TuneCore was and is one of the best ways for independent artists to get their music onto iTunes without going through the hassle of trying to score a full-on record deal with the thieves big record labels. Now they’ve just announced that they’re doing the same for video. The setup [...]

Apple Remote 1.1 Now Available in App Store… With Genius! - Tue, 16 Sep 2008
Apple’s iTunes and Apple TV Remote App was one of the first — and arguably still one of the best — releases via the App Store back in July. We loved it in our original review, and now that Apple has pushed out a 1.1 update, there’s a tiny bit more to love: [...]

PodcasterGate: The Great App Rejection Debate - Tue, 16 Sep 2008
Seems it wasn’t a hair that broke the blogerati’s back, it was an App. Or more precisely, it was Apple’s denial of the Podcaster App that let loose the floodgates of negative internet reaction. Or even more precisely, it is the continued lack of certainty among developers as to what can and will be denied [...]

Attack of the iClones: RIM Storm Rising Edition - Tue, 16 Sep 2008
The iPhone shook up a very complacent smartphone world, but if we think it exists in a vacuum, if we think the other big players won’t respond (no matter how embarrassingly long it might take them), and if we don’t hope that they do — hardcore style — to prevent Apple from one day getting [...]

Flutter: MMS Alternative… Maybe? - Tue, 16 Sep 2008
One of the biggest complaints I hear regarding the iPhone? You guessed it! Where is the picture mail (MMS)?! A while back I started a forum thread that told readers how to send a picture with a email attached to any cell phone, to any network, from the iPhone. But the truth of [...]

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Google Translate for the iPhone

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Google annoucned today an email to select list members that they have introduced a new interface - bringing Google Translate for the iPhone.

There’s a new interface for Google Translate on the Apple iPhone,
covering 23 language pairs for users around the world. If you have an
iPhone, you can get to the new interface by visiting and
choosing “Translate” from the “More” tab, or by visiting the Google
Translate site directly.

Google Translated to Spanish:

Hay una nueva interfaz de Google para traducir en el Apple iPhone,
que abarca 23 pares de idiomas para los usuarios de todo el mundo. Si usted tiene un
iPhone, puede llegar a la nueva interfaz de visitar y
la elección de “traducir” de la pestaña “Más”, o visitando la página de Google
Traducir sitio directamente.


Il ya une nouvelle interface pour Google Translate sur l’Apple iPhone,
couvrant 23 paires de langues pour les utilisateurs à travers le monde. Si vous avez un
iPhone, vous pouvez accéder à la nouvelle interface en visitant le site et
choisir “Traduire” de l’onglet “Autres”, ou en visitant le site Google
Traduire le site directement.


Es gibt eine neue Schnittstelle für Google Translate auf der Apple iPhone,
für 23 Sprachpaare für die Nutzer auf der ganzen Welt. Wenn Sie über eine
iPhone, können Sie sich an die neue Schnittstelle Besuch von und
Wahl “Übersetzen” aus der Registerkarte “Mehr”, oder besuchen Sie die Google
Übersetzen Website direkt.


Een nieuwe interface voor Google Translate op de Apple iPhone,
die 23 talenparen voor gebruikers over de hele wereld. Als u een
iPhone, kun je tot de nieuwe interface door naar en
te kiezen voor “vertalen” van de tab ‘Meer’, of door een bezoek aan de Google
Vertaal site rechtstreeks.

Snapture 2.0 - Popular iPhone Camera App

September 1, 2008 by admin · Leave a Comment report that Snapture - one of the most popular apps for the iPhone firmware 1.x has now been released for firmware 2.x and works without the need for jailbreaking.

Welcome to iPhone 3g Accessories

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Hello and Welcome to iPhone 3g Accessories

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