Apple Considering ‘At a Glance’ Notification on iPhone

September 18, 2008 by admin · Leave a Comment 

A recent patent application from Apple reveals that the company is considering adding a proper "At a Glance" notification screen for the iPhone. The proposed screen would allow users to quickly jump to the desired notification simply by pressing on the corresponding notification.

Developer Uses “Ad Hoc” To Distribute Banned iPhone App

September 15, 2008 by admin · Leave a Comment 

Over the weekend, a debate raged across the tech blogosphere concerning the risks involved in developing for the iPhone platform. The discussion began with Fraser Spears, who claims he will never write another iPhone app for the App Store as it exists today. Dave Winer soon followed up, agreeing that the iPhone was an unreliable platform.

DevTeam releases PwnageTool and QuickPwn 2.1

September 13, 2008 by admin · Leave a Comment 

With firmware 2.1 now out for the iPhone and iPod touch we bring you the inevitable PwnageTool and QuickPwn response. Apparently, the DevTeam took offense to a previous posting where we questioned the relevancy of continued jailbreaks in the age of the AppStore and official, worldwide iPhone distribution. Come on guys, can't we all just along?

Apple’s iPhone 2.1 update is finally out!

September 12, 2008 by admin · Leave a Comment 

This big update for Apple's iPhone comes with Steve's personal promise of fewer dropped calls, better battery life, less app crashes, major bug fixes, and faster backing up in iTunes.