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iPhone firmware 2.1 now available for download - Fri, 12 Sep 2008
In short, the title says it all, but according to the release notes it does offer quite a bit and should prove to be a worthwhile update for just about any iPhone owner. According to the notes it “contains many bug fixes and improvements” which seem to cover most of the major complaints that users [...]

Inside the 2nd generation iPod Touch - Fri, 12 Sep 2008
The folks over at iFixit recently purchased a new second-generation iPod Touch and then proceeded to eviscerate it.  One notable finding during this process was a Bluetooth chip, this chip is probably intended to be used exclusively in connection with Nike+. In addition to the Bluetooth chip, the headphone jack now has five pins as opposed to [...]

Apple’s new in-ear headphones - Wed, 10 Sep 2008
WIth all this fuss about the new iPod Nano and the revamped iPod Touch, it would seem as if Apple’s new in-ear headphones have been overlooked! Unlike their first set of in-ear headphones, Apple has decided to incorporate both the subwoofer and the tweeter to provide users with the best audio quality. “Each earpiece contains two separate [...]

Kevin Rose reviews iPhone app: Enigmo [Video] - Wed, 10 Sep 2008
Digg founder and co-host of Diggnation, Kevin Rose is at it again, this time providing us with what may ultimately become a series of video reviews of iPhone apps.  In this review, Rose provides us with an overview of Enigmo, as well as a demonstration, and then a final verdict. I’ll let the video do the rest [...]

Downfall of the “thick” iPod Classic: “One Size Fits All” - Wed, 10 Sep 2008
Earlier today in his Keynote Address, Steve Jobs announced that Apple is no longer selling the “thick” iPod Classic (120GB) due to a lack of consumer demand.  Jobs then announced that Apple has upgraded the “thin” iPod Classic, which was originally 80GB, to 120GB, without a change in the $249 price-tag.  This means that you can now buy [...]

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