iPhone 3G Accessories Review » Apple hire IBM guru - iPhone 3G Accessories http://www.iphone3gaccessories.co.uk Tue, 27 Jan 2009 23:31:10 +0000 http://backend.userland.com/rss092 en Apple hire IBM guru Cupertino (CA) – An employment dispute between Apple and IBM has been resolved. Apple announced today that Mark Papermaster will join Apple on April 24 to lead the firm’s iPod and iPhone hardware engineering teams. He replaces Tony Fadell, who recently retired. Mark Papermaster will carry the title of senior vice ... http://www.iphone3gaccessories.co.uk/news/apple-hire-ibm-guru/ App Store to drive innovative applications and services The main winners in the mobile world this year will be independent iPhone developers, and handset manufacturers and developers for the Android platform, according to digital innovations consultancy Fjord. Christian Lindholm, former vice president of global mobile products at Yahoo, and now director of Fjord, told vnunet.com that 2009 will see ... http://www.iphone3gaccessories.co.uk/news/app-store/app-store-to-drive-innovative-applications-and-services/ Apple awarded key iPhone multitouch patent Apple has been awarded a patent that appears to cover much of the iPhone's multitouch user interface. World of Apple (via MacRumors) spotted the patent, which was awarded last Tuesday to several Apple executives, including Steve Jobs, iPhone software chief Scott Forstall, and Wayne Westerman, one of the founders of a ... http://www.iphone3gaccessories.co.uk/news/apple-awarded-key-iphone-multitouch-patent/ “Blackberry Storm Is No iPhone Killer” The gales of the Blackberry Storm just weren't strong enough to wash away Apple's iPhone success. Between its average reviews and customer complaints over bugs and OS stability, the Storm seems to have severely underperformed in customer satisfaction. And now, the latest figures from Blackberry maker Research In Motion (RIM) ... http://www.iphone3gaccessories.co.uk/news/blackberry-storm-is-no-iphone-killer/ Stay Active & Prevent Breast Cancer With Pink Apple Cases From OtterBox Breaking a sweat can help prevent more than just extra inches around your waist. According to medical studies done by the American Cancer Society, women who engage in physical exercise daily have a significantly lower chance of developing breast cancer. Keep your New Year's resolution to exercise more and keep ... http://www.iphone3gaccessories.co.uk/news/stay-active-prevent-breast-cancer-with-pink-apple-cases-from-otterbox/ 100 million App Store downloads a month Manchester, UK: Apple announced that there had been 500 million iPhone App Store downloads in an advert running in the USA Today. At www.iPhone3GAccessories.co.uk we have collated all available data of iPhone App Store downloads. You view and download this data below. Small Graph. Additional Downloads: Full size high res JPG Excel Datasheet - graph and ... http://www.iphone3gaccessories.co.uk/news/app-store/100-million-app-store-downloads-a-month/ Gizmodo’s Week in iPhone Apps The Week in iPhone Apps: And We Have Reached A New Low Related posts:This week in Apple: Virtualization, iPhone apps, and 10.5.5Best iPhone Apps Of 200825 Business iPhone Apps http://www.iphone3gaccessories.co.uk/news/app-store/gizmodos-week-in-iphone-apps/ iPhone Boob Wooble App Who needs the fake boobies of iBoobs when Wobble lets you add boob jiggle to real photos? Just tap, resize, repeat, and any photo you have on your iPhone becomes an instant jigglefest. Read more Related posts:Chinese iPhone Knockoffs Described With Hilarious EngrishAnimoto On The iPhone 3GiGraffiti 1.1 for iPhone/Touch by Big ... http://www.iphone3gaccessories.co.uk/news/app-store/iphone-boob-wooble-app/ iPhone Baby Application @ Scott Adams / Dilbert Blog Scott Adams wonders how long before some creates a Tamagotchi like iPhone App. Read more Related posts:iPhone Application Watch: Real Soccer 2009, Blog Press, Brain Tuner, iWalk, iSigniPhone Application Watch: Real Soccer 2009, Blog Press, Brain Tuner, iWalk, iSignZeptoPad 1.5 ;handwritten note-taking application for the iPhone and iPod touch - Copy / ... http://www.iphone3gaccessories.co.uk/news/app-store/iphone-baby-application-scott-adams-dilbert-blog/ iPhone with Quad-Core Processor: June 2009? Okay, I must admit the first part of the title is based on a rumor (speculation) which we had reported earlier today but the second part is based on Phil Schiller's, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing statement to David Pogue of New York Times at Macworld 2009. Read ... http://www.iphone3gaccessories.co.uk/news/iphone-with-quad-core-processor-june-2009/