Software Tracking Site iusethis Adds Support for iPhone Apps

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The popular software tracking website, iusethis, has expanded its reach to iPhone users today. Members can now submit, browse and vote up iPhone applications. Due to its use of modern technology, iusethis is in a position where it can quickly develop new features, and is the first major software directory to support Apple iPhone. A democratic web application like iusethis gives a better overview of popular applications, as well as a better opportunity to see trends.

(PressReleasePoint) Oslo, Norway - The popular software tracking website, iusethis, has expanded its reach to iPhone users today. Members can now submit, browse and vote up iPhone applications.

iusethis has been serving the Macintosh community for over two years, and has planted its flag as the most innovative and community-centered software tracking site on the web. The website allows software users to mark applications they use, contributing to the application’s “iusethis” score, similar to social news site digg.

The website’s founders have been firm believers and fans of the iPhone, and were toying with the idea of an iPhone app section, even before the App Store was announced.

“We were actually thinking about doing this earlier for “jail-broken” apps, but once Apple stepped in with the App Store, an iPhone section on iusethis became a no brainer.” says co-founder Arne Fismen.

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Due to its use of modern technology, iusethis is in a position where it can quickly develop new features, and is the first major software directory to support Apple iPhone. A democratic web application like iusethis gives a better overview of popular applications, as well as a better opportunity to see trends.

iusethis for iPhone:
iPhone Optimized Version:
Nordaaker website:

Slate’s Election Scorecard Feature Now Accessible from Top-Ranked iPhone App (Finance)

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Slate, the daily online magazine, today announced a partnership with Chimp Software to provide campaign poll tracking data to the “Election ‘08″ iPhone application. By incorporating data from Slate’s Election Scorecard into the “Election ‘08″ app, users will now have an instant update on which candidate is leading the presidential race, plus a comprehensive breakdown of the numbers in each state, right on an iPhone.

“People crave information during this election, and Slate’s Election Scorecard has been a destination online for an instant look at what’s happening in the polls. We wanted to combine that addictive content with technology that lets users have this data whenever they want, wherever they want, to create a meaningful mobile experience around the elections,” said David Plotz, Slate’s Editor.

Software developer Aaron Brethorst of Chimp Software first created the “Election ‘08″ app, which is now called “Slate Poll Tracker ‘08″ with the addition of Slate campaign data.

This application can be downloaded for $ .99 from Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod touch. Users can find the feature in the iPhone App Store.

Slate is a daily online magazine that offers fresh angles on stories in the news and innovative entertainment coverage, all with its signature wit and irreverence. Pushing the boundaries of convention, Slate publishes provocative commentary on topics such as politics, culture, business and technology. Slate reaches 6.7 million online adults a month according to Nielsen and is published by The Slate Group, an online publishing subsidiary of The Washington Post Company (NYSE: WPO - News).

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PlayScreen launches portal with 20 free games for the new T-Mobile G1 (Google Android) Phone

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The company that launched the first iPhone web-based games has announced the release of 20 web-based titles and its first downloadable game for the new T-Mobile G1 , Google Android Phone. Titles include casual, action, puzzle and social games.

“These ad-supported titles take advantage of the advanced browser on the new G1 phone” said William Volk, president and CEO of PlayScreen. “Titles include solitaire, bowling, sudoku, solitaire, backgammon, darts, golf and other popular games.”

“PlayScreen is applying its considerable experience in advanced mobile technology to bring these titles to consumers” commented PlayScreen President Sherri Cuono. “There are no installs required and these games are played instantly via the browser. We’re also going to make downloadable versions of these games available when Goggle’s App Market launches.”

“With all the excitement over this new phone and operating system we wanted to make sure consumers didn’t have to wait for their favorite games” added William Volk.

PlayScreen and the PlayScreen logo are trademarks of MyNuMo, LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

About PlayScreen

San Diego based PlayScreen is a social entertainment company delivering mobile social games, ringtones, wallpapers, videos, and text services on all major US Carriers. More Details about PlayScreen at . (PlayScreen is a trademark of MyNuMo, LLC.)
Contact: +1 858 692 1124

Maximizer Software Drives Mobile CRM 2.0 - Great for business and finance

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Leading the Mobile CRM 2.0 revolution for smartphones, Maximizer Software Inc. (TSX:MAX), a leading provider of simple, accessible customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, today announced the availability of its latest CRM software – Maximizer™ CRM 10.5.

Providing organisations a full-scale CRM solution directly on their smartphones, Maximizer is the only CRM vendor to offer the most real-time access options to customer/prospect information on multiple platforms, including BlackBerry® 8000 Series, Pearl™, Curve™ and Bold™ smartphones and now Apple® iPhones™. Enhancements in Maximizer CRM 10.5 are designed to support real time customer interactions from the office, in the field, and while on the road; ultimately driving the customer acquisition, customer service and customer retention.

“In today’s economy, when companies are looking to maximize ROI, while improving communications with customers & prospects, Maximizer CRM 10.5 delivers both,” said Vivek Thomas, managing director EMEA, Maximizer Software. “With MaxMobile in version 10.5, Maximizer provides organisations a solution that gives real-time insight into their customer base and prospects – enabling customer interactions that build better relationships.”

Mobile CRM - Business Anytime, Anywhere

With Forrester Research reporting that 31 percent of SMBs plan to adopt and/or execute a sales force application on their mobile devices by the close of 2008, Maximizer Mobile CRM now empowers sales professionals to conduct loans business in real-time including:

• Ability to access an online document library for sales and company collateral;
• One-click access to maps and driving directions;
• Significantly increased storage of customer data via SD cards.

With BlackBerry devices continuing to lead the corporate business world, Maximizer CRM 10.5 also offers in-depth functionality for the latest BlackBerry smartphone devices, including an improved single-click BlackBerry user interface, and integration with BlackBerry address book and phone modules. Sales and service professionals can also log calls, SMS text messages and emails to client records on their BlackBerry smartphones, affording increased access and convenience in the field.

In addition to improved wireless synchronisation, Maximizer CRM 10.5 now offers seamless wireless web access from the installed mobile application to provide the best of both worlds within one click:

• Rapid, offline access to a subset of customer information stored directly on the smartphone and synchronised back to the corporate CRM system; and
• Real-time online access to the corporate CRM system to dig deeper into specific accounts or expand searches via the web browser integrated with the mobile application on the device

“With instant access to logged calls, emails and quotes, Maximizer Mobile CRM enables our mobile sales force to provide seamless customer service, and make informed, on-the-spot decisions throughout the sales cycle,” said Dennis Fanning, president of Platinum Equipment Ltd., a supplier of quality semi trailers for the transportation industry. “Maximizer Software offers increased productivity to our sales force with reduced downtime, allowing us to service our customers more efficiently.”

Additional Maximizer CRM 10.5 new and improved features include:

• More features supported in Web Access to support workers from anywhere including Microsoft Word integration, Excel export, action plans, email templates for personal campaigns, and faster performance

• Greater visibility and better strategic planning capabilities with advanced business intelligence and visual workflow capabilities including on-the-fly trend analysis throughout the customer lifecycle

• Extension of Web 2.0-powered tools with social networking enhancements for more powerful prospecting.
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SGN scores trifecta with Wii-like iPhone games

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Most iPhone game developers are leveraging the iPhone and iPod touch’s multi-touch and accelerometer capabilities to create unique and compelling experiences for gamers, but Social Gaming Network (SGN) has taken it a step further. The company’s three iPhone titles includes iGolf, iBowl and iBaseball, and they’re free to download and play from the App Store. read it here

Kleiner-backed start-up Ngmoco to launch three new iPhone games

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Ngmoco is unveiling today its first three games for the iPhone and iPod Touch products from Apple. The San Francisco-based start-up is on a tear. Neil Young, a former Electronic Arts executive, founded the company in June, raised $5.6 million from Maples Investments and the Kleiner Perkins iFund (a fund targeted at iPhone-related start-ups) in July and is now about to publish its first games. read it here

Gmail Accounts Causing iPhone Mail to Crash

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Several users have reported an issue in which accessing Gmail accounts causes the iPhones Mail application to crash consistently. Likewise, any other applications that access Gmail, including Contacts, crashes when Gmail data are present. Apple Discussions poster rowanpettett writes: read it here

iPhone, iPod Touch Takes Over at Texas University

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The students at ACU were the lucky recipients of either an iPhone 3G or iPod Touch plus a collection of Web Apps written by ACU. This is just one example of an upswing in Apple sales to educational organizations which in recent years has been in decline. Apple’s sales have eclipsed Dell, which used to rank first in education sales. read it here

iPhone Ranks Behind Motorola Razr (Again), This Time In Mobile Web Use

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This statistic is pretty interesting: Not only does the Motorola (NYSE: MOT) Razr continue to outsell the Apple iPhone, more people are using it to access to the mobile Web. So says AdMob, anyway, in a report of the ad impressions it gets from each handset across the 5,000-plus sites it serves. AdMob releases a report each month about the mobile advertising space. The company has been providing statistics on mobile ads since September 2007. read it here

BallBound & Cypress Golf announce iPhone Tee Times Reservation App

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BallBound & Cypress Golf are proud to announce Tee Times for iPhone. The first of its kind mobile reservation application for iPhone, Tee Times makes reservations for tee times at discounted rates for multiple players at over a thousand golf courses nationwide. Numerous features include an enhanced search that allow golfers to view tee times side by side and compare rates. Users can make reservations over AT&T’s 3G or Edge network as well as any wireless connection or HotSpot. read it here

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